Myanmar is the home of the cultural historical sites. The three UNESCO Heritages sites in Myanmar are Hanlin, Baikthanoe and Sriksetra in the period of 5th to 7th century. The upper Myanmar such as Bagan, Mandalay, Innwa and Bagan are well famous because of its ruins royal ,religious , ancient monuments and its irrigation system as well as the southern parts of Myanmar was called the Thuwannabumi and its ancient city like Thahton, Mawlamyaing,Bago, Htawee (Tavoy).



Brief Itinerary  : Dg (101)  Yangon-Bago-Thahtone-Mawlamyaing-Htawee-Yangon (15 days)

Note  :   Short Days Itinerary is available. It depends on the customers’ request

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