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Bird Watching in Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) has the rich biodiversity with varied ecosystem, including lowland and mountainous forests and various wetland habitats including coastal and riverside wetlands. Himalayan species are found in the mountains in the north and west, and tropical Malayan species inhabit the south of Myanmar (Burma) ecotourism, birds watching / birding site.

             Myanmar (Burma) is one of the best place for its ecotourism, birds watching / birding site that have about 1113 birds species, seven which are endemic birds to Myanmar;114 bird species are globally threatened and near-threatened. From every November to February, about 150,000 migratory water birds migrate to the Wetland or Flyway Sites or Ramsar Sites in Myanmar by using both the Central Asian and East-Asian Australian Flyway Network.

Here is the famous bird watching site in Myanmar. The most highlights birding places in Myanmar are as follows:

  1. Yangon at Hlawgar Wildlife Park ( Stripe-throated Bulbul and Racket-tailed Treepie)
  2. Moeyunegyi Ramsar Site ( Migration or water Birds)
  3. Delta Region ,Warkhaema (Surus Crane and Jerdon’s Babbler)
  4. Hpa-An (Lime-stone Wren Babbler)
  5. Bagan (At least 4 endemic Birds) and along Ayeyarwaddy River (White-tailed Stonechat and rare River Tern)
  6. Victoria National Park ( Jerdon’s Minivet and White-browned Nuthatch & Mt.Victoria Babax and Chin-hilled Wren Warbler)
  7. Kalaw ( Burmese Yuhina and Dark-backed Sibia)
  8. Inle ( Jerdon’s Bushchat and White-vented Myna)
  9. Mandalay (Baer’s Pochard, Ferruginous’s Pochard and Red-creasted Pochard)
  10. Lanya Wildlife Sanctuary (Gurney’s Pitta)
  11. Gulf of Mottama (Spoon-billed Sandpiper)
  12. Hkakabo Razi National Park (Unidentified Species)


  1. Tour Program 001 : Yangon & Moe Yone Gyi (1st Ramsar Site in Myanmar) ( 2 Days 1 Night )
  2. Tour Program 002 : Yangon & Ayeyarwaddy Delta Region (Sarus Crane & Jerdon’s Babbler) ( 3 Days 2 Nights )
  3. Tour Program 003 : Bird Watching Around Myanmar ( 18 Days 17 Nights )

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