Top Destinations & Tourist Sites in Myanmar


Yangon is the commercial city and most distinctive in South East Asia. It has colorful streets, open markets, most prominent religious monument and old colonial attractive buildings since British era.

Your experience to Myanmar is fulfilled with their unfamiliar cuisines.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (001) Yangon Day Tour

Dg (002) Yangon Foodie Tour

Dg (003) Yangon-Bago (2 Days)

Dg (005) Yangon-Bagan-Mandalay-Inlay (14 days)


Mandalay is the cultural city and most traditional performing arts. It has the former royal king palace site and easy day trip destination to reach the three ancient capital; Amarapura, Innwa, Sagaing, including world largest ringing bell, pagoda and world biggest books. Your amazing trip is perfect with their art craftworks , wooden-teak  monasteries and their monastic daily life.

Brief Itinerary:

Dg (006) Mandalay Day Tour

Dg (007) Mandalay –Mingun-Innwa(Ava)-Sagaing  Tour(2 Days)

Dg (008) Mandalay- PyinOoLwin-Hispaw Train Ride Tour (3 Days)


Bagan is the heart of Myanmar and it is one of Myanmar’s famous archaeological city. It has the long-running lacquerware tradition and its fantastic tropical climate and Myanmar traditional real culture. Around Bagan, you can enjoy riding the e-bike and looking around temples and pagodas as well as taste the traditional toddy palm wine.

Brief Itinerary:

Dg (009) Bagan Day Tour

Dg (010) Bagan-Mt Popa Tour (2 Days)

Dg (011) Bagan-Salay-Chauk Tour (2 Days)


Inle is the natural biosphere lake and most attractive with its stilt-house villages and floating garden of local resident Intha races. This place is wonderful for its busy five days markets and local colourful tribes such as Pa-O, TaungYoe, Shan and Pa Daung. You can enjoy their delicious Intha’s Cuisine.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (012) Inle Day Tour

Dg (013) InleFoodie  Tour (2 Days)

Dg (014) Inle-Indein-MaingThauk-Five Day Market Tour (2 Days)

Dg (015) Inle-Sakar  (2Days)


Mauk-U is known as the little Bagan and its famous for its ancient Buddha Images and Stupas of rounded hillocks.It is very interesting of their resident daily life and activities.There is a day return trip to the local chin villages.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (016) Mauk-U Day Tour

Dg (017) Mauk-U-Wethali-Chin Village Tour (2 Days)

Dg (018) Mauk-U-Boat Tour  (2 Days)


Kyaikhtiyoe is well known as the Golden Rock among the tourists. This rock exists with its various spectacular history and unexplained mythical form at the top of the single hilltops. With the exciting mountain truck and its panoramic view on the way to top that make you sense and happy.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (019) Kyaikhtiyoe(Golden Rock)  Day Tour

Dg (020)Yangon-Bago-Kyaikhtiyoe Tour (3 Days)


The former name of Moulmein, was the first capital of British Government from1827 to 1852.Around Mawlamyaing, there are amazing attractive places like the world largest reclining Buddha called Win Sein Taw Ya and Bilu Island, with its famous local handicrafts such as slate book making, chalk making farm and its world recognized products, Taluck smoking pipe around the Island villages.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (021) Mawlamyaing  Day Tour

Dg (022) Mawlamyaing-Hpa-An Tour(2 Days)

Dg (023) Mawlamyaing-Bilu Island(2 Days)

Dg (024) Mawlamyaing-World War 2 Cemetery –Win Sein Taw Ya (2 Days)

Dg (025) Yangon-Bago-Kyaikhtiyoe(Golden Rock)-Mawlamyaing-Hpa-An (4 Days)


Hpa-An is very prominent among the pilgrims and travelers for its natural lime stones caves such as Kawcone Cave since 7 century, BayintNyi Cave and its natural hot spring lake, the largest two sided cave in South East Asia called SaddanCave. You can enjoy the sunset view by the light trekking about 2 hrs to the top of the Mt,Zawekabin, above 2372 ft.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (026) Hpa_An  Day Tour

Myeik (Mergui)

Myeik or Mergui is very popular of its beautiful coastal islands and its weather.There are over 800 untouched islands around and It attracts the tourists all over the world.The town is small but with fair climate and is interesting local products like Peal, Edible bird’s nest and Ngapi (shrimp paste).

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (027) Mergui City Day Tour

Dg (028) Mergui-Dome Island Tour (2 Days)

Dg (029) Mergui-Dome Island-Historic Temple (3 Days)

Mt.Victoriaor Na Ma Taung National Park or Chin Hills

Mt.Victoria has the height of 10,016 ft (3,053 metres) and one of the best place for ornithologists and flower seekers.It is one of the best point for trekking and hiking,as well as wondering the amazing Chin Hill tribes’ real culture and their life style.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (030) Bagan-Mt.Victoria-Kanpalett Tour (3 Days)

Dg (031) Bagan-Mt.Victoria-KyarDo-Mindut Trekking Tour (5 Days)

Moe YoneGyi Lake

Moe YoneGyi Lake was the water storage reservoir that was constructed in 1878 to 1904. But in 1988, it became as the wildlife sanctuary. It was designated as the first Myanmar Ramsar Site in 17 Nov 2004.This is a good place for bird watching and relaxation .You can taste the fresh food and the delicious fried Moe YoneGyi dry fish.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (032) Moe YoneGyi Day Tour

Dg (033) Yangon-Moe YoneGyi Tour (2 Days)

Dg (034) Yangon-Bago-Winkabaw Elephant Camp-Moe YoneGyi Tour (3 Days)


Hispaw was once Shan Royal city and charming town located in the highly hill of Northern Shan State.You can enjoy biking around it and enjoy the scenes such as waterfall,pineappleplantation,Shan Palace and hilltop pagodas and monasteries.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (035) Hispaw City Day Tour

Dg (036) Hispaw-KyaukmeTrekking Tour (3 Days)

Dg (037) Hispaw-Nam Sam Trekking Tour (4 Days)

Dg (038) Mandalay-PyinOoLwin-(Gokehteik Viaduct Bridge)-Hispaw Tour (3 Days)


Kalaw is the former colonial British Hill station above 1300 meters elevation. This city is fully covered with pin wood tree plantation .Your trip is perfect with trekking around it and you can enjoy the natural orange plantation and life of different ethic tribes.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (039) Kalaw Day Tour

Dg (040) Kalaw-Inle Trekking Tour (3 Days)

Dg (041) Kalaw-Palaung Village Tour (3 Days)

Dg (042) Kalw-Inle-Pindaya Trekking Tour (10 Days)


Ngapali has the amazing white sand and located in the Bay of Bengal with the palm –lined beach. You can enjoy the panoramic view and visit the local fishing villages.

Brief Itinerary :

Dg (042) Yangon-Ngapali Beach Tour

Note : Above all the itineraries are changeable.

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