The former name of Moulmein, was the first capital of British Government from 1827 to 1852 .Around Mawlamyaing , there are amazing attractive places like the world largest reclining Buddha called Win Sein Taw Ya and Bilu Island ,with its famous local handicrafts such as slate book making ,chalk making farm and its world recognized products, Taluck smoking pipe around the Island villages.



Brief Itinerary   : Dg (021) Mawlamyaing  Day Tour

                               : Dg (022) Mawlamyaing- Hpa-An Tour(2 Days)

                               : Dg (023) Mawlamyaing-Bilu Island (2 Days)

                               : Dg (024) Mawlamyaing-World War 2 Cemetery –Win Sein Taw Ya (2 Days)

                               : Dg (025) Yangon-Bago-Kyaikhtiyoe(Golden Rock)-Mawlamyaing-Hpa-An (4 Days)


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