Moe Yone Gyi Lake


Moe Yone Gyi Lake was the water storage reservoir that was constructed in 1878 to 1904. But in 1988, it became as the wildlife sanctuary.It was designated as the first Myanmar Ramsar Site in 17 Nov 2004.This is a good place for bird watching and relaxation .You can taste the fresh food and the delicious fried Moe Yone Gyi dry fish.



Brief Itinerary    : Dg (032) Moe Yone Gyi Day Tour

                                : Dg (033) Yangon-Moe Yone Gyi Tour (2 Days)

                                : Dg (034) Yangon-Bago-Winkabaw Elephant Camp-Moe Yone Gyi Tour (3 Days)


Note   :    Above all the itineraries are changeable .

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