Pyay (Sri Kestra)


Pyay , the former name is “ Prome” ,is the ancient “Pyu” city from 2 B.C to 9 A.D and recorded as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 at Myanmar. “Pyu” were the earliest migrants and use Tibeto-Myanmar language. Sri Kestra is the old name of Pyay which was one of the largest Pyu ancient cities and there are many old remains of pagodas and temples .It is 5 miles away from the southeast of Pyay city and 180 miles from Yangon. The highlight places of Sri Kestra are :


  1. Hmaw Sa Museum
  2. Shwe Sar Yan Pagoda
  3. Pyay Night Market
  4. Akayk Taung
  5. Bawdi Tataung
  6. Ma Mya Sein Pagoda
  7. Shwe Taung
  8. Na Wa Day Bridge


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